Dying Light: The Following Ending Part 2 Walkthrough - Final Boss Fight, Kill The Mother and Take The Vials

dying light part 2

We are now aware of the Rais was lead by Kaan and his arms are heading towards the Dam to Kill the Faceless and Mother. We need to stop them and complete the one of the possible Endings of Dying Light the Following. Let's check the Second side of the Ending and how to complete it.

Final Boss Fight, Kill The Mother and Take The Vials

The Following

You have exactly 4 minutes to get to the Dam before the bandits do. You must reach there within 2 minutes as you will need to climb the dam and it take a lot of time. Here is why we asked you to refill your buggy while driving you will see all the zombies and bandits fighting so do not stop simply keep moving to the marked location.


Find the Mother

Once you have climbed the Tower, head inside and look for Mother. You will see some memories of Mother while she speaks about her past and how she knew you were the chosen one. Go ahead and speak with her.


Talk to Mother

After interacting with her you find she is one of the zombies, but in complete control over her mind. She has some physic power and she haven't got any cure for your people. You will have two choices, either you sacrifice yourself and save the rest of the world or Kill Mother and take the vails from her.


The Second Choice

We Choose to Kill Mother by denying her request for becoming the God of the Son. You need to take the Vials in order to save your people in Harran, but first you need to go the Boss Fight which is with the Mother. She will throw you down once she finished putting one of the vials in our mouth.


Kill the Mother

Now you need to kill her to get the vials. We recommend to take a cover and then start fighting her before you turn into a beast. Soon you weapon and all equipment will be lost and you turn into one of them. Now you need to go one on one with the Mother and Kill her as soon as possible.


She will kill to your death, but the only way to save yourself is run away to get your heath refilled. Once it is done kill her and search for the Vials. Head outside and Dam and see what you have become.


Thus Ending the Main Story of Dying Light The Following and do have a look at our other walkthrough of the Series.  

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