The Division: The Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide for Dark Zone, Ability, and Gears

The Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide for Dark Zone, Ability, and Gears

In The Division, the player's main mission is to restore order by investigating the source of the virus which spreads on Black Friday causes the United States Government to collapse in five days. In order to Fight against the Virus, you must be well prepared and know about the area mechanics, your weapons, Ability, and Gears. This Guide will show you everything in details.

The Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide for Dark Zone, Ability, and Gears

This Article will guide you through every basic detail for every category. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Beginners Guide. First we must know the Weapons and its categories. You can also have a look at our separate guide about Beginners Tips Guide to Gear Up, Weapons, and Modding

Weapon and Customization

While Playing Go to pause Menu then open the Inventory, here you will see the main attributes which is the DPS, Health, and the Skill Power. You can carry three different types of weapon in the game which can be Primary(Rifles), Secondary and the Sidearm(Pistols). Every category is capable of customization and you start up with the basic Grips.

For Primary Weapon, you have three customization slots, The First is the Magazine Upgrade, an Under Barrel upgrade and lastly the Muzzle upgrade. As you keep progressing and unlocking you can customize your weapons and make it more stable and good range. Coming to the armor, it has the same mechanics as the Weapons so do have a check on the attributes. Lastly, the backpacks which can also help you with extra bonuses like skill cool down reduction or skill power. The High-End weapons with perks will have more effect.

Note: Perks are not Attachments

Perks and Abilities

After the Weapon and customization section, let's have a look at the Perks and the Abilities System, tree. To have a look at your liabilities again go to the pause Menu and then access the Abilities screen. Here you see three sections which you need to upgrade and improve your skills. First is the Medical then the Tech and lastly Security. 

If you select the Perk and go to the modification section you see that you can increase the range of the Pulse and which can either make you immune to other pulse or increase the enemy damage. You must unlock all the Perks one by one in order to get higher Skills. Go to the Locked Perk and see the Requirement needed to be unlocked. You need to unlock the other wings with in-game currency in order to unlock the Main Perk. Also, the skill power stats affects the effectiveness of your abilities. 

Dark Zone

As you start exploring the Dark Zone area you will have two ways to acquire the gear - First is to start killing the AI enemies, they will drop the loot just like it work in the Story mode and the second is by Looting the Chest. Whenever you have the gear that's when a yellow colored mat bag is going to appear on your back. This also shows that you are carrying the loot and vice versa. This Gear you looted you cannot use it right there, you must extract it out of the Dark Zone first and then you are able to use it. You need to call an extraction chopper so take away your gear, but it takes 90 seconds to appear so till then you need to wait and protect yourself. Once the chopper appears you will have a zip line where you need to attach your yellow colored bag. Now that the chopper has extracted your gear you can pick up from your base operations. 

In order to see which are the Rogue Agents, check their head as they will have red skull above with a timer. As the timer expires they are no longer in the Rogue. Do not kill your fellow real player as the game will directly throw you to Rank 0 and give you 20-second timer. Similarly killing other will Give you extra 60 seconds to the Timer. The Timer Resets on firing for example - you are with 10 seconds left and if you kill someone then the timer will reset to 180 seconds. 

As you gain higher Rogue Rank you will be more visible to the players on the Map. This means the higher your rank the more haunted you become, but there is a good thing to become a Rogue Rank as you get more Dark Zone Credits and allows you to buy a most powerful weapon in the game. Remember As you turn Rogue you have the timer on you as well so avoid doing before the timer expires as you will lose more credits than you must have earned in the Rank. There are checkpoints in the Dark Zone area which sells blue and purple Gear or else search for the safe house which has High-End gears. You also need to be on a Dark Zone level in order to acquire the High-End End Weapons. We hope you have all the basic knowledge about how the game mechanics works with different weapons and skills. Also, have a look at the Dark Zone Public and Private Loot in Dark Zone.

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