How to Get S Rank in Crazy Targets Range for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

How to Get S Rank in Crazy Targets Range

In Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, there are various modes to play in the game, we will be focusing on the main modes which will help us gain more XP and coins to level up. Crazy Targets Range is one of the Mini-game you find in the Sewers of Backyard Battleground. This guide will help you obtain S Rank in the Crazy Targets Range. 

How to Get S Rank in Crazy Targets Range

Crazy Targets Range is a Time-based mission where you need to move the garden gnome targets. Sounds easy? Well, the real game is how fast you manage to complete it as you need to get certain Rank such as S-Rank(Highest) which can only be achieved if you manage in lowest time possible. You can see the times in the Crazy Targets Lobby to have a look at how the players rank in Global Leaderboard. They are your targets, but first try beating your own Best Score to get S-Rank. Here are few Tips and character you must focus on how to get an Easy S-Rank.

How to Get S Rank in Crazy Targets Range

It is very important to understand which character you choose to complete the Mission. Every character has unique skills where they are good at and you must discover it soon to help you understand which can perform best. Characters with skills like splash damage, high rate of fire and higher mobility can help you beat the Time. A character with Splash Damage guarantees you to get an S-Rank rather than the character with High Fire rate.

Splash Damage skill Character can destroy multiple characters at once, only if they manage to aim correctly. Taking down multiple enemies at a single time offers you to save more of seconds. Your character needs to be quick with reloading, speed and mobility as the timer will stop ticking once you finish off the last target. Here are the Characters which can Help you for getting S-Rank.

Best of Zombies 

Coming Straight to the characters the best to offer you S-Rank are Engineers like Electrician as they have a pretty good mobility and Higher Fire rate. While riding the Jackhammer, you can quickly take out multiple enemies with Splash damage. The Electrician works best for its class with maximum damage radius and less accuracy. 

Best of Plants

Just like Zombies, Plants also has a very good character to perform best in the Crazy Targets Range mission. You need to use Toxic Pea to get the best Time and climb the top of the Leaderboard. All you need to learn is handle this character well. It has the best splash radius which can take multiple targets at a time. If you've expert this character then you will know how to plant the chili Bean Bomb to take all four target at once. This saves time and finishes off the game quickly. SO get your name on the Leaderboard. 

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