Far Cry Primal: How to Get Winter Clothing to Survive Cold

How to Get Winter Clothing to Survive Cold

Oros is the Land which you need to acquire from the Udams and the Izila in Far Cry Primal. This Land has not only the wild species to be scared of but also from the deadly climate like the Cold Nights. You Must get the winter clothing in order to survive the Cold nights and weather. This Guide will help you get the Winter Clothing in Far Cry Primal and show you how to survive in Cold land of Oros. 

How to Get Winter Clothing to Survive Cold

In Order to get the Winter Clothing, you must bring the special or Key Person into your village just like Tensay. You must Get Karoosh to your village and he will help with you with your issues. So without any further ado, let's begin with the hunt. 

How to Get Winter Clothing to Survive Cold

Karoosh is a One-eyed, beard guy with long hair located North-east of your Village. Head Northeast and as you come close to dirt after the grassy terrain, get ready to fight with a couple of Udam Warriors and only then he shall be ready to come with you and join your Village.

Once you Bring him to your Village, he requires a Hut which will also teach you the basic version of the Winter Clothes and get rid of the Cold twice as long. To unlock the Real Winter Clothing, you must keep Karoosh's Hut Upgraded till Level 2 and here is what you Get.

Level 1: Warrior Skills, Two Handed Club, Winter Clothing and 1500 XP

Level 2: Winter Clothing and 3000 XP

So that you have finally acquired the Winter Clothing you are now safe from the Cold and Do not forget to check our Far Cry Primal Wiki Guide to know more about the Collectibles and Crafting.

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