Far Cry Primal Collectible Location Guide for Daysha Hands, Izila Masks, Wenja Bracelet and Cave Paintings

Collectible Location Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Collectible Guide for Far Cry Primal where you can directly locate the collectible on the Map itself. There are Total 184 Collectible in the game which are further divided into 5 categories and they are Spirit Totems, Cave Paintings, Wenja Bracelets, Izila Masks and Daysha hands. Here is how you will find them in the Oros Land.

Collectible Location Guide

Far Cry Primal takes us back to Stone Age where the humans were last in the Food Chain. You will take control of the Wenja Warrior - Takkar and survive the breathtaking environments and unpredictable savage encounters. There is a collection of the different collectible and instead of collecting them one by one we have one Massive Map which shows all the location for the collectibles all thanks to PS4Trophies. Check out our Far Cry Primal Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks Guides.

Check out the Map Given below and you will see how to locate all the Collectible One by One. Remember the area you visit will have the Udams and Izila waiting for your along with the Wilds so be careful and Enjoy you collection. If you manage to collect 80 out if 184 then you will be rewarded with Cave Hoarder Trophy. The Legends are also Shown Below the map to know which indicates the collectible. 

Locations for all the Collectibles:

  • Spirit Totem - 12 
  • Cave Paintings - 22
  • Wenja Bracelet - 25
  • Izila Mask - 25
  • Daysha Hand - 100


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