Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 4 - Jayma The Hunter, On the Hunt and Vision of the Ice

Jayma The Hunter, On the Hunt and Vision of the Ice

Far Cry Primal has so much to offer and you are free to select which mission you want to complete and the way you want to progress in the game. After the attacks of Udam, we tried to look out for Jayma the Hunter and bring her back to our village as she can help us learn new hunting skills which will help us taming new beasts. So let's see how we can convince Jayma in this part of Walkthrough.

Jayma The Hunter, On the Hunt and Vision of the Ice

Jayma The Hunter

In order to start this mission, you must open your Map and look for a picture icon of an old lady. Once you bring the pointer over the picture it will highlight the mission details so marked it as your destination and let's get going to the marked Location.


On The Hunt

Once you Reach the Cave of Hasari, Cutscene will begin where Jayma and her pupils will make fun of your hunting skills so it's time to show them what are you made of. You need to Find the Bear and hunt him down in order to show Jayma that you got some skills and then offer her to join the village.


Track the Bear

This is a very easy mission where you use your Hunter Vision to locate the Bear, but what stops you is the wild while you are going to Travel thorugh the jungle. You must upgrade your skills and learn a new skill to tame wild beasts if you haven't done it already. Start Following the blood Trail, investigate the clues and get to the Bear.


Kill The Bear

Once you have located him successfully try to use your tamed beast to distract him while you are hunting him with spears and arrows. Try using the Fire arrows to take him down quickly. Once you killed the Bear you need to look out for the hunter which is easy. Head Backwards or use your Hunter vision to see their scent. A cutscene will begin, Jayma joins our village and thus completing the Mission and let's get back to the village for updates and upgrades.


Vision of Ice

After coming back to the Village, Talk to Tensay and he will offer us again the awful drink and this time with Udam's eyeballs in it. This Vision is bit interactive and going to test your combat skills so be prepared for another crazy vision.


Find the Stone Women

Udams fear the Stone Women and once you get into the vision you are looking as per Udam's perspective. Go ahead and the first thing you will see is the Tone of the Women which Ull asks us not to Touch. Once you touch it you get into another vision where you are handed over the Ice Club and get ready to fight.


Find the Stone Women Statue

Get ready for some tough action and the best so far in the game. You will be offered with six health blocks and you are hunted by the Udams. Kill them all. They are just one shot member, but as you proceed you will see the Udam with Skulls and they are very difficult to take down. Keep Following the stones and finally, you will be attacked by a bunch of Udams, after killing them all you need to destroy the Stone Women Statue and thus completing the Vision of Ice.


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