Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 6 - Brother in Need, Karoosh, Help Wenja Warrior

Brother in Need, Karoosh, Help Wenja Warrior

The Third Characters after Jayma and Wogah is Karoosh who needs our help with the fight against the Udams. We will first try to bring all the key characters to the village and then start with their quest which becomes easy and early unlocking of the Weapons and skills upgrades. So let's see how we can offer our help to our brother Wenja Karoosh in this Walkthrough.

Brother in Need, Karoosh, Help Wenja Warrior

Brother in Need

Just like we located Jayma and Wogah, it's time to mark Karoosh on the Map and locate him as soon as possible. Once you reach the marked location, one of his injured friend informs us about the Udams around and Karoosh is fighting against them so help him.


Help the Wenja Warrior

Head towards the Marked location and you'll see his health bar will appear on your screen. There are two Udams in that area so kill them with no sweat. After the Cutscene more Udam will appear so get ready for the Big fight. Your job is to kill the Udam and defend Karoosh. After kill three more Udams you need to put their bodies in the campfire.


Kill the Udam Warriors

There will be Three Udams again showing up and out of the three two are archers and one is with a spear. Defend the area and Karoosh from the waves of Udams and then Finally go and talk to him and he will join you Village. Return to your village Updates his Hut to get new skills and let Karoosh train the villagers on how to defend and attack the enemies. Thus completing the walkthrough and the mission. 


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