Far Cry Primal: Where to Farm Feathers Location Guide

Where to Farm Feathers

In Far Cry Primal, the game sets during the Stone Age around 10000 BCE where humans were the part of the Food Chain and they had to survive from the exotic wild animals, enemies such as Udams and Izila who ruled the Oros Land. In order to survive you must learn and master the skills of crafting weapons by collecting various materials. This guide will show you where to find and farm feather location in the Map.

Where to Farm Feathers

Where to Farm Feathers

Feathers in Far Cry Primal can be used to craft different materials and weapons like Quiver. Feathers are obviously found from birds, but there are locations in Far Cry Primal where you can farm the Bird Feathers and have as much as you want. If you are lucky enough you will also get the Rare Feathers as well. So without any further ado, let's begin with the feather farming. 

In the North-west area of the Map in the snow covered area, you will find plenty of Non-Flying birds which are ease to hunt. Go ahead and headshot them they don't even try to escape so it's very mush easy to hunt them. Check the location below where you can exactly find them. 

Note: You must have Winter Clothing crafted before you head there.

far-cry-primal-collectible-feather-1.jpg   far-cry-primal-collectible-feather-2.jpg

These were for the Non-Flying birds, but if you are looking to hunt down the Eagles then this is also very easy. The first thing to do is use your Hunter Vision, track them and follow them until they swoop down to a location. This is the time where you'll make your move. Enjoy.

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