Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 8 - Stomp Udam, The Lost Totem and The Great Beast Quest

Stomp Udam, The Lost Totem and The Great Beast

In this Walkthrough, we are going to show you how to complete Karoosh's and Wogah's quest in which we have to trespass Udam's camp and hunt to Mammoth while in the other is to Hunt to Lost totem which the Udam's took from us after breaking the Wenjas. Finally joining Jayma's hunting group and conquer the Mammoth Beast. So without any further, ado let's begin with the Walkthrough.

Stomp Udam, The Lost Totem and The Great Beast

Stomp Udam

After Upgrading Karoosh's hut, he will ask you to travel north and investigate the Mammoths who are been killed by the Udam. You need to head towards the Udam's camp crush their bone trees nad protect the beast.

Find the Mammoth and Mount him

Go to the Marked location and start the quest and first thing to do is finding the Mammoth. This Mission requires Mammoth ride skill unlocked. On your way, you will encounter a bunch of Udams so kill them all. If you have tamed the Bloodfang Sabretooth Beast then he can help you to slow down the Udams. You try to take cover as they will be using the poison bombs.


Destroy the Udam Bone Trees

Once you have killed all the Udams go ahead Mount the Mammoth then start destroying the Udam Bone Trees in the yellow marked area. After destroying you must bring back the Mammoth to its herd to complete the mission. This was a very easy mission you know how to defend and attack while riding Mammoth. 


The Lost Totem

Head to the Marked location where you need to tag and identify the totem looters. Once you reach the marked area you will see a wide yellow range in which you must find the looters so activate your hunter vision and get going with the tags. Try to keep it stealthy as there are loads of looters around in the area and they will alert everyone if they see you.


Kill and Search the Totem Looters

At the end, you must kill the three tagged Udams in order to search their body. So go ahead and let the hunting begin. Once you finish hunting all it's time to search everybody and you must get all 3 Totem scraps to complete the mission.


The Great Beast

Jayma has asked us to join her hunting group and learn how to conquer the great Mammoth Beast. So head to the marked location, begin the quest and then start looking for the Wenja Hunter in the Wenja Hunting ground(Nasan Run Valley). Once you Reach There talk to the hunting group leader and start your hunt.


Reach the Mammoth and Lure him to the Hunters

After talking to the Hunter lead, head to the marked location where you will be hunting down the massive Mammoth. First locate a Mammoth then you need to lure him to take him to the trap where all the hunters are waiting. 


Kill the Mammoth

If you want to make it look like a child's play then use your Bloodfang Sabretooth then Ride over him, Lure the Mammoth and then let him chase you as he knows he ain't that fast. Once you get him into the trap start hunting him until he is dead. Thus completing the mission and the walkthrough.


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