Fallout 4: Lockpicking Ultimate Unlock Guide

Lockpicking Ultimate Unlock Guide

In Fallout 4, the sole survivor has to learn everything he/she can in order to Survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. You must master the skills like Hacking the terminal to open the path for you and the Picklocking which helps you get access to the loot and materials throughout the Commonwealth. This Guide will help you pick locks like a pro in Fallout 4.

Lockpicking Ultimate Unlock Guide

Lockpicking Guide

As you enter the Post-War period, there will be tons of locked containers and Door to be explored throughout the Commonwealth. Once you unlock the containers you have the chance to grab the loot inside it. You can easily crack basic and novice level Locks, but as you progress in the game you will come across various Expert and Master level locks which can only be unlocked if you have certain perks. 

What do we require to perform the Pick Locking? You must purchase the Bobby Pins from a vendor or try to explore the wasteland. Once you have enough Bobby pins it's time to start the pick locking process. Go to any locked door or container and press 'Unlock', this will take you to the zoomed Lock picture where you bobby pins are inserted in the lock and you must rotate using your controller. 

If you break you Bobby pins use another and this time, try to take it slow and easy from a different position. If you have the correct position of the lock then it will rotate or else it will break the pin(if forced). The lock must quarter turn to unlock itself so we recommend to take it very easy for new players.

As we mentioned above there will be different types of Locks and you must have the Locksmith perk to unlock the master and expert locks. Master it and you will become use to this pick locking and start unlocking it with easy and even faster. Hope this guide was useful and you must have understood the basics of Pick locking.

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