The Division: How to Make Private Group Guide

How to Make Private Group

In the Division, one of the Most Essential Part is the Co-operation where you consider to join other group and team up with other players or create your own group and let others join you. If you want to make your Private group which have your friends squad in it then this Guide will show you how to create a Private Group in The Division.

How to Make Private Group

You must be aware of the group you are about to join because when a group enters the area there is a higher chance of the lowest player to get an instant kill with a head shot and if you are the lowest then best of luck. You can also invite players to join your group or use the group finder to join, but for private group check the process below.

How to Make Private Group

If you are looking so sole playing with one of the Dark Zone player then as you find the group, you can teleport to one of the player and start your journey from that point itself or go to one of the Dark Zone Safe Houses and invite players from your friend list or from matchmaker to join your group.

For Private group where you don't want other players to join you then you must set the privacy setting of the group. There are Three Setting:

  • Public - Anyone can Join
  • Friends - Only Friends can Join
  • Private - Only Players You Invite can Join

Now if you don't have friends online but you want a certain player to join your Group then look for sole players out there or in the Safehouses just approach another player, open the interaction menu and invite him into your group. When the group is not working out, you can always leave the group or (when you are group-leader) kick another player. Check our Division Wiki Guide to know more about the game.

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