The Division: How to Track your Missions Guide

How to Track your Missions

The Division has a non-linear story progression where you have 3 main storylines for Each Wing. Completing these missions will give you information and puzzle pieces that will end up forming a big picture finishing one Big Mission in the End. This Guide will show you how to keep a track on your Missions, Side Missions, and Encounters in the game.

How to Track your Missions

Main Missions

These Missions for Story, Medical, Technology and Security can be repeated in three difficulties - Normal, Hard and Challenge and this will stay Active on the Map, so if you want to revisit the mission with your squad then jump on the Mega-Map and invite your friends to join in. 

Side Missions, Encounters, and Task

With Main Mission, the Wings also offer you side-missions, encounters, and Task which will allow you to gather resources to buy upgrades for the respective Wings at Base of Operation. These missions are only available once and to be gathered from JTF(Joint Task Force) Officers or from the situation board in the Safe houses. Every Mission is color-coded on the map to differentiate which mission is what.

How to Track your Missions 

As you talk to the JTF Officers, scan the situation boards or set up your Base of Operations you will start getting Missions and task in respective area and these missions are marked on your Mega Map. Whenever you find it difficult to find or track your mission it's time to use your GPS and track the location for you. Once you Open the Mega Map and setup the GPS a clear line will be drawn on the Map which you have to follow and it will take you to the Mission. Check out our The Division Wiki Page to know more about the game.

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