Tom Clancy's The Division "Stuck In Brooklyn" Issue Fix Available, Here's How To Get Past Manhattan

Tom Clancy's The Division

An interesting issue has appeared in Tom Clancy's The Division and it does not allow players to get past Manhattan as they are stuck in Brooklyn after the cut-scene timeout. According to the report coming out from the player, the servers are live now (it was down a few hours ago) but players are stuck in Brooklyn. Thankfully a simple fix is already available for it.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Here is how to get past Manhattan if you are stuck in Brooklyn: Go through the gates again. The first one is located in the alley with the fire truck where you finish that mission.

This alley can be found by going counter clockwise around the block from the mission point. Once you pass the fire truck, you go to the door connected to the right side of the gate. The second gate that lets you progress pass manhattan is the one leading to the heli pad. The other one leads you back to the street/map

Check out the location on the map below, you need to go here, upper left by the police station, by Brooklyn Bridge. Walk through the first and second door and the cutscene animation should start playing. No need to replay mission, just follow ur footsteps from the last time.

Tom Clancy's The Division

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