Tom Clancy's The Division In-Game Chat Commands And Details

Tom Clancy's The Division

You can follow this Tom Clancy's The Division guide for the details on the in-game chat feature. There are no buttons to change any channels in the game, so here is a list of all the chat commands you can use in the game.

Tom Clancy's The Division

  • /w [Nickname]: This Changes chat to private and write to player Nickname.
  • /p, /g, /group: This Changes channel to group chat.
  • /1: This changes channel to world chat.
  • /s: This changes channel to message (probably this is the local chat so it can read only near u)

By default, the mic setting is "ON" so when you talk, other players can hear you. If you change it to "Radio Mode" you can talk by pressing C button.

Let us know in the comment section  below if you need any more help. Do refer to our Tom Clancy's The Division Wikiit carries links to all our how-to guides, tips and tricks, mission walkthrough, and many other things.

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