The Division Pro Tip On Why You Should Not Sell Your Low Level Weapons At Your Base's Vendors

Tom Clancy's The Division

Crafting is an important and fascinating piece of The Division puzzle. Although the game has been in public alpha and beta, there are still many things we have to learn about it and in particular about the crafting station, which was a component almost impossible to try before the Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft title officially launched today (with yesterday's server opening).

Tom Clancy's The Division

A thing you probably don't know is that you shouldn't sell your low-level weapons at your base's vendors. Instead of getting very few credits, you can use those weapons' parts to “upgrade” them at the crafting station. For example, you'll need 5 green parts to get 1 blue part. By dismantling a weapon you can get up to 10 green parts to become 2 blue parts, which is pretty helpful for you to try and build up your own blue weapon (or even rarer with you progressing through the game).

Another important tip is you can't just dismantle the weapons you got by pre-ordering The Division – the game will tell you that equipment is contaminated and you can't dismantle contaminated items. To be honest, you can't even sell such items, or precisely you can but won't get any credit for this.

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