The Division: How to Get Lockpicks and Open Locked Doors

How to Get Lockpick

As you start the game, you will find yourself on Manhattan Island where everything is lockdown and each entrance is under Military Surveillance so it is impossible to leave the island. There are tons of locked door in Manhattan and requires lockpicks to unlock. This guide will help you get more and more lockpicks in the game.

How to Get Lockpick

How to Get Lockpicks?

The Best way so far to get the Lockpicks is by taking down the NPCs, they do drop them sometimes and another way is to loot the nearby bodies in random Encounters on your map.

Opening the locked Doors

Open Locked Door is very easy, All you need to do is go and stand in front of the locked door and see how much Lockpicks does it request for and then perform the Open Key to enter inside. Thus completing the lockpick guide, we will be soon updating this as we get the exact location till then check out our The Division Wiki Page.

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