The Division: How to get High-End Loot Farming Guide

How to get High-End Loot

In the Division, you must always hunt for High-End loot and upgrade yourself in order to survive longer in the game. When you are inside the Dark Zone it will be 50/50 chances that you might get better loot, depending on your luck, but what if we help you increase your luck for farming better loot? This guide will show you how to obtain high-end loot inside and outside the Dark Zone. 

How to get High-End Loot

How to get High-End Loot

By the end of this guide, you will be able to increase your loot farming chances by 25%. Firstly we would like to inform that the loot spawns randomly so there are no guarantee results, but if you try harder you might get very lucky and grab all the high-end loot. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Farming Guide.

First of all, you need to upgrade you Security Wing and then unlock the Scavenger Perk. This Perk gives you the ability to collect various items from the scavenger box located in the Security Wing once every 60 minutes. 

Note: Requires upgrade - Procurement Team

Now This is not it, you must go to the inventory then select the character Tab, Scroll down to Exploration and look for the Scavenging Part, that's your Luck%, this will reflect on your Gear and overall bonus and the higher the bonus the more effective it gets for farming loot. This works both inside and outside the Dark Zone. There is no specific location for the loot, but once you get this perk then you chances increase drastically.

We Found Pretty High-End Bonus loot in Dark Zone 03, so try it and remember that the loot is random. Also, have a look at our The Division Wiki Page to know more about the game. 

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