The Division: Farm Phoenix Credits Tricks Guide

Farm Phoenix Credits

In The Division, there is a PvP enabled environment which is allowed in this additional area in the Map called The Dark Zone. Here you will find high level contaminated loot and players with different levels in different sections. In order to buy high-end weapons and gears, you need Phoenix Credits and these are the rare currency used in the Game. This Guide will show you the trick to earn Phoenix credits in one single mission.

Farm Phoenix Credits

Farm Phoenix Credits

Remember that you won't be able to buy these Credits with real money, so it's all about the hard work. Don't worry we have a special trick which will help you earn 800 Phoenix Credits in a day. How to Spend the Phoenix Credits you must check our guide Here. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Tricks.

Now that most of the players are hitting level 30 with ease with the help of the Tips and Tricks, you must get ready and start level up with high-end weapons in order to fight them. So Here is the Trick - You must try to complete the last Story Mission General Assembly with Difficulty - 'Hard'.

The Mission will hardly take 15-20 minutes as you know how and where to attack from. Once you manage to complete the mission successfully then the Yellow Enemies will drop those awaited Phoenix Credits. Best of Luck and Do have a look at our The Division Wiki page to know more about the Dark Zone.

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