The Division: Easiest Way to Find Division Tech Location Guide

Division Tech Location

Division Tech is a part of the Crafting Material, but one of the important one as they are used to craft High-end weapons. You must reach Level 25 and above to use these weapons. The Division Tech can be found in the Dark zone and here is the best farming route to collect all of the Division Tech. 

Division Tech Location

If you want to know more about how to Craft High-end weapons then do visit our other guide and to know more about the game check out our The Division Wiki Page. The Division Tech can be found only in the Dark Zone and you must Loot the Enemies and chests to grab them. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Farming.

Where to Find The Division Tech

In order to properly farm this Division Tech, you must follow the Route from Dark Zone 01 to 06, but you must be high level and rank in order to track this route as you will be encountering high-level enemies from Dark Zone 04. If you follow this Route then it will be super easy to obtain them all. All you need to do is simply follow and route and loot the Dark Zone chests. Here is the exact route you need to Follow.


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