The Division: Perfect Armor Build Guide

Perfect Armor Build

First, Let's talk about the Armor Slots, there are mostly defensive bonuses added to them like reduce the damage from the upcoming fire. From 20% to 30% Armor will definitely provide you an effective damage reduction. This guide will not only show you how the Armor stats work but also which armor to equip while playing PvE or PvP in the game.

Perfect Armor Build

As everyone are aware of how Armor mitigates the Gun damage(not for grenades), so going to 65% armor cap will not only give you an effective damage reduction but also, armor drops from 71.9% down to 71 which in return makes you, even more, stronger. Every Armor you equip has inbuilt armor bonuses, but the thing is which one gives you the best matters. Let's have a look at various Armor equip levels which one of the Reddit User had described in detail.

Armor Levels


This is for the players with all Purple Armor with our Bonus then it will end up providing you Damage Reduction between 35% to 39%.


This is for the players with all Purple Armor, but with 1 or 2 armor Bonus and will end up providing you Damage Reduction between 40% to 50%. With good chest pieces and knee pads, it can easily hit 48% without fail.


This is for the players with all Purple Armor, but with 2 or 4 armor Bonus and will end up providing you Damage Reduction between 41% to 60%. This will also depend on your armor pieces you upgrade to chest, backpacks and knee pads it can easily hit 54% without fail.

The question here is which Armor or Gear Piece to Op? Well, this completely depends on your playing style on how you like to comfort them in your gameplay. Here are the Best of all teh gears.

Perfect Gear Piece

Body Armor(3 bonuses allowed)

Body armor doesn't provide you a big change so we recommend you to try the chest piece which will give you:

  • Armour
  • Elite Damage
  • Your choice of mod slot / health on kill / protection from elites

Back Pack (1 primary stat)

  • Critical hit damage
  • Armor

Highly recommend taking critical hit damage, as you may need the bonus armor to survive and only 3 pieces of gear can get it.

Knee Pads (two bonuses allowed)

  • Critical Damage
  • Armor
  • Damage to Elites
  • Gear Mod
  • Protection from elites

Knee pads allow for bonus critical hit damage, one of the best stats in the game for DPS.

  • Tanker Build: Armor + Critical Hit damage
  • DPS Build: Damage to Elites + Critical Hit damage

Holster (one bonus)

  • Armor
  • Gear mod
  • Protection from elites

Gloves ( 3 bonus DPS KINGS)

  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Weapon Base Damage
  • Damage to Elites

Gloves are one of the biggest boosts to your overall damage in the game. Take +Weapon damage for PVP and +Elite damage for PVE content

Masks (two bonuses)

  • Critical hit chance
  • Damage to elites
  • Gear Mod Slot

Masks are one of the only slots that provide bonus critical hit chance. 

If you get 7 gear mod slots, each can land up to 140 stats including 1.5% crit chance. So choice wisely. Make sure you visit our The Division Wiki Page to know more about the game and different Builds.

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