The Division: How to Earn Phoenix Credits outside Dark Zone Guide

How to Earn Phoenix Credits

In order to buy high-end weapons and gears, you need Phoenix Credits and these are the rare currency used in the Game. Remember that you won't be able to buy these Credits with real money, so it's all about the hard work. This Guide will help you earn Unlimited Phoenix Credit along with purple gear drops with then and all outside the Dark Zone.

How to Earn Phoenix Credits

How to Earn Phoenix Credits

There are various methods to earn these Credits, but have you found any fix farming route yet?  Well, this guide sure has one. All you need to do is follow these steps provided by on of the Youtuber and you will earn more than 300 Phoenix Credits in One Hour. Do Visit our The Division Wiki page to know more about the game. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Phoenix Credit Farming.  

Step 1:

Fast Travel to Autumn's Safe House(Times Square)

Step 2:

Head outside where you find the Mob of NPC nearby

Step 3:

This is a Bit Risky, but all you need to do is Eliminate only the Named Boss and Collect his Drops(Phoenix Credits and Purple Gears).

Step 4:

Get killed by the rest of the NPCs

Note: Do not return Fire

Step 5:

Now that you Re-spawn back at the Safehouse perform the same steps(2-4) until you get all the Phoenix credit you want.

Step 6:

Here is the Video how you will be farming the loot. 

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