Pokken Tournament Guide: How to Unlock Shadow Mewtwo

How to Unlock Shadow Mewtwo

Pokken Tournament is a fighting game in which two fighters battle against each other using various Pokemon. The game is now available and a new form of Mewtwo is also introduced in this series called "Shadow Mewtwo". This guide will show you how to unlock hidden Shadow Mewtwo in the game with ease.

How to Unlock Shadow Mewtwo

The Game feature online play where players can compete in two types of online battle modes called friendly battles and ranked battles, including matches between players with registered friend codes and players who enter the same VS Code as each other. Mewtwo was famous for not to spawn very easily so it's hard to capture and now Shadow Mewtwo is here. So let's check how to unlock Mewtwo first then Shadow Mewtwo.

How to Unlock Mewtwo

In order to unlock Mewtwo as a Playable fighter then you must play through the Ferrum League and beat it. Once you finish the League Story then as a reward Mewtwo will be Unlocked.

How to Unlock Shadow Mewtwo

For Shadow Mewtwo, the process is the same, but the only difference here is that you must beat the Ferrum League with S Rank in Single Player. It is very hard and time-consuming, but definitely worth the try. As you have to get your hands on Shadow Mewtwo. Both the Character have very high potential with Shadow Mewtwo on your end you will have very fewer chances to be defeated. Enjoy.

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