Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Walkthrough - Mechanical Menace, Finding Ada, Robot Workbench

Fallout 4 Automatron Part 1

In this Fallout 4 DLC - Automatron, a Mysterious Character 'Mechanist' unleashes a Bunch of Evil Robots in post-apocalyptic Boston. Your mission is to hunt them down including the one called Robobrain. You must take the first wave down, gather the part and start building your own army to fight against them with your Robots. So Let's Start with the first part of the DLC Walkthrough - Mechanical Menace, Finding Ada, Robot Workbench

Fallout 4 Automatron Part 1

Listen to Caravan Distress Call and Find Caravan

Once you Start with the Main Mission, you will here about some emergency Broadcast where few caravans are under attack by Hostile Robots. Start Heading East of Watch Consumer Electronics and locate the Caravans. You can Fast Travel to the location and as you reach there you will find a bunch of Robots attacking the Caravans and only one Robot is Defending them.

Eliminate the Hostile Robots

The Swarmbot is one of the Robot attacking there and his has a very good health. Try taking him out with your Best weapon then clear out the bunch of Hostile Robots out der and defend the Main Robot. 

Speak To Robot

Once you Clear out the Hostile Robots, its time to speak with one of the good Robots who was defending the Caravans. The Robot calls herself Ada, and informs us about how her friends died and how the Mechanist is trying to send them in Commonwealth to kill all the Surviving Humans, settlers and caravans. 

She wants to take revenge with the Mechanist and we are going to help her with the cause to know more about the Robotics. She Informs about the next area where we can find a clue about the Mechanist which is the General Atomic Factory. You will also be awarded Trophy 'Mechanical Menace'. Thus Completing the First Walkthrough and Head to the Next General Atomic Factory. 

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