Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Walkthrough - General Atomic Factory, A New Threat, Robobrain and Radar Beacon

Fallout 4 Automatron Part 2

In this Fallout 4 DLC - Automatron, a Mysterious Character 'Mechanist' unleashes a Bunch of Evil Robots in post-apocalyptic Boston. After the first part of the Walkthrough Ado, informs us to head to the General Atomic Factory to find the clue for the Mechanist. So Let's Start with the first part of the DLC Walkthrough - General Atomic Factory, A New Threat, Robobrain and Radar Beacon

Fallout 4 Automatron Part 2

A New Threat

As per Ada, General Atomics has valuable salvages and chances are high the robots can still be guarding it. So First thing First collect all the parts from the robot nearby which can help us to Build one for our Own. 

Investigate the General Atomic Factory

Once you did with the part and using the New Robot Workbench we can move ahead to the Marked Location. As you Enter the Area you will encounter a couple of Robots straight and upstairs. hunt them Down and collect each and every part of them including the Legendary Quantum Swarmbot.

Search for Robobrain

After Killing the Lower Junk Robots it's time to head upstairs and Jump to the other side and take down the Main enemy. The Marked Robot 'Quantum Robobrain' is the one you should take care off as they will provide you with specific parts you need to find the Mechanist. 

Speak To Ada

Ada will thank you for bringing the Radar Beacon from the Robobrain and ask you to install it in her to gather more information about the Mechanist. Now you need to Built the Robot Workbench to install the Radar Beacon in Ada. Ada will then detect a strong single of another Robobrain in Commonwealth which we need to hunt down as we need to acquire more Robobrain Part to locate the Mechanist. Thus Completing the Second part of the Walkthrough and continue with the next Headhunting.

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