Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Walkthrough - Headhunting, Radar Beacon, Rust Devils and Jezebel

Fallout 4 Automatron Part 3

In this Fallout 4 DLC - Automatron, a Mysterious Character 'Mechanist' unleashes a Bunch of Evil Robots in post-apocalyptic Boston. Now that you have installed teh Radar Beacon in Ada, she will guide you to the next location of the Robobrain and collect the Radar beacon. So let's get started with the Headhunting.

Fallout 4 Automatron Part 3


The Robobrains tend to travel in groups so we are likely to encounter heavy resistance. As soon as you update Ada with the Radar Beacon she will update your Pip-Boy with new Robobrain Location. SO without any waiting simply head towards the marked location. 

Collect Second Radar Beacon

Now that you have discovered the General Atomic Factory you can fast travel there to find the nearest Fast Travel Location. Head to the Marked location and keep eliminated the enemies on your way. Collect the Second Beacon and then Speak with Ada. 

She will help us trace Mechanist single as each Robobrain's Radar Beacon has a unique encryption so that it can't be traced back to the source. Then ask you to collect the last Robobrain Radar Beacon to completely trace the Main Single from the Mechanist.

Fort Hagen Satellite Array 

The Last Robobrain is at the Fort Hagen Satellite Array, which means it's in the Hands of the Rust Devils. They are the ruthless group of Raiders who utilize the Robots for their own purpose. So Head to the marked Location and start Eliminating the Thugs and their robots. Then Climb Up and Activate the Door to get inside the Fort Hagen Hangar.

Find the Robobrain

As you head inside you will see the Red Light will harm you so quickly disarm teh laser Tripwire then the Assaultron Totem now head forward. You will encounter a bunch of Robots along with the Rust Devils which need to be taken care off. Eliminate them all of inside the Main Door then talk to the Robobrain attached to the Machine. 

Speak and Take Jezebel

After Speaking to Jezebel she will agree to help you with your trace with Ada only if you get her out from this mess with Rust Devils and second to get her a New Body(Robot) then she will give you the access to Mechanist main Entrance. Do as she says and get out of the Hangar.

Escape the Hangar

As soon as you finish the Chit-chat with Jezebel, you will have to fight the Boss Ahab and take him down in order to get outside the Hangar. You will find a Power Armor X-01 in one of the Looked Door so don't forget to use it. Now that you have come outside successfully it's time to Take Jezebel to the Robot Workbench and give her new body. 

Build Jezebel a Body

She will in return provide us with information on how she used to work for him and what we need to get inside the Mechanist Factory. According to Jezebel, you need to outfit one of your Robot's with 'M-SAT' modification. Thus Completing the Missions and Look forward to the Restoring Order.

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