Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Ending Walkthrough - Restoring Order, M-SAT Outfit, Mechanist Lair

Fallout 4 Automatron Part 4

In this Fallout 4 DLC - Automatron, a Mysterious Character 'Mechanist' unleashes a Bunch of Evil Robots in post-apocalyptic Boston. Jezebel is all set and ready to help us with the Access to Mechanist Facility, but you must have an M-SAT Outfit to get inside. This Walkthrough will show you how to get M-SAT on Ada and Confront the Mechanist. 

Fallout 4 Automatron Part 4

Restoring Order

According to Ada, M-SAT is a Custom Modification that acts as a key to the Mechanist's Facility, but first, you must install the M-SAT in Ada then head towards the RoCo Sales and Service Center where we need to Confront the Mechanist. So Fast Travel to Old North Church then to the Marked Location.

Access The Mechanist Lair

Once you get to the Marked location head inside the RoCo Sales and Service Center. Head down and you will come across a Strange Device which needs to be activated and Ada will do it for you.

Stop The Mechanist

Once you get inside the Three main Locked Door you must head left to take the shortcut and avoid Robot Encounters. Then Access all the Terminals. One you get inside the Room you will start hearing Mechanist's voice and he will be directly talking to you.

You will be attacked by Bunch of Robots so get ready to roll and teach these Robots a lesson. Eliminate them all and head forward until you find the Mechanist and serve Him Justice. 

Take Down Mechanist

Once you Get near the Mechanist he will start blaming you for all Commonwealth has suffered. Instead to talking he wants to take us out. So Here the Boss battle begins where you must survive all the Four Waves of the Robot until his Mainframe Power lowers down to 0% and he finally shows up. 

Talk to Mechanist

Once he Comes down talk to him ask him he purpose and you will find out the Mechanist is a Women who leads this for Power. You inform her that her robots are killing the People instead of helping them. So At the end, you will have 3 options 

  • To Kill her(This only Ends with Violence)
  • Ask her to Stand Down and help you(Stand Down)
  • To Know more about the Mechanist(Why The Mask?)

The First One will End up starting the fight against her while the second one will(Stand Down) will help you know more about the Robobrains and help Commonwealth from these Robots. Finally, get to the Master Control Terminal and Unlock it. Thus Completing the Mission and the End to the Mechanist.

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