Fallout 4 DLC: Rare and Secret Collectibles, Blueprints Tips and Tricks Guide

Rare and Secret Collectibles

Fallout 4 DLC is already out and players have started exploring the new features of Robots and their mechanics. Very Few players are going to get all the secrets and rare collectibles while rest we see are simply rushing to finish the game. Here are the Rare and Secret Collectibles, Blueprints Tips and Tricks which you might have missed.

Rare and Secret Collectibles

The Fallout 4 DLC Automatron has a very short story but tons of new features are added which the user must explore and use it wisely. After 8 hours of Gameplay, we managed to complete the game along with some best Rare material and secrets which other users might have missed so without any further ado, let's begin with the Tips and Tricks for Fallout 4 DLC.   

Tips, Trick Rare, and Secret Locations

  • Those who are looking out for Robot Models, you can find 5 or 6 robot models in the Mecanism base.
  • There is a new pip boy game Automatron and it's an asteroids clone but you get robots instead of asteroids. You can find it in the Fort Hagen Satellite Bunker, you'll come across a Terminal that has it in there.
  • You can grab the Protectron's Gaze from Mechanist's Corpse or simply Pickpocket them as there is no harm.
  • Where you first meet Ada, one of the corpses will have a pair of the elusive Road Goggles on them.
  • After The Mechanists, Lair Quest you can find a workbench, simply look for the red button across from the mechanist bedroom.
  • At every interval keep interacting with Ada as she will give you hints, news and most importantly scrap items, which are rare, unique and useful for Robot Customization.
  • There are two Blueprints for Spotlight and an Eyebot Chasis inside the Room after completing the Mechanist's Lair Quest.
  • Using the Silver Shroud Armor will make a loot of Difference while making the Conversation with the Mechanist.
  • Completing the Final Quest will unlock all the mods for your bots and this is the reason why we are asking you not to waste or over mod Ada for any instance. 
  • Collect Everything from each and every Robot as they contain mods and rare materials which you saves you a lot of scrap hunting.

If you have anything to add or something new you explored so far in Fallout 4 DLC then do share with us in the comments below. Enjoy.

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