Dark Souls 3: How to Defeat Vordt of The Boreal Valley Boss Fight

Vordt of The Boreal Valley

Dark Souls III is an action-adventure third-person shooter video game and the fourth installment in the Dark Souls series and continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. This Boss Fight Guide will show you how to defeat Vordt of The Boreal Valley and grab the Souls of The Boreal Valley. 

Vordt of The Boreal Valley

How to Defeat Vordt of The Boreal Valley

Vordt is the Second Boss you will be encountering in Hall Wall of Lothric after Ludex Gundyr. Vordt is a Knight or we can say a fallen knight has turned into a beast and you must take him down. He has the ability to walk on all fours also wields a mace in one hand.

Taking him down will be easy only if you have the right equipment like you must have an Armor or any item that will boost your frost resistance to blocking Vordt's ice attacks. Now taking Vordt down should be an easy task, simply stay close to his Rear side and wait for him to swing his attack, once he is done it's time to charge him with your light weight attacks and the roll away from him.    

If you manage to drain his 50% of the health which will make him angry and he will start charging attacks 3 times more than normal, then with some ice attacks from his mouth. SO Repeat the same tricks to get behind him, wait for the right moment and then charge with Heavy attacks until you get him down. Once you Defeat him he will drop Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt and 3000 souls.

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