The Division Guide: How To Farm Phoenix Credits In Russian Consulate Daily Mission

Tom Clancy's The Division Phoenix Credits

Such as Destiny's loot caves, The Division also has a few exploits that keep appearing online and then being fixed by the developer Massive Entertainment. Among those we can find a new one located on the Russian Consulate daily mission, allowing you to farm a good number of Phoenix Credits, useful in case you want to obtain (and you want it) high-end gear.

Tom Clancy's The Division Phoenix Credits

In order to make this exploit work, you will need four level 30 players in your party, equipped with some high-end gear, running on Challenge Mode. Now follow these few steps:

Step 1

Kill all the enemies until you get to the final area before you head outside of the mission zone. There you will meet three shotgunners and two snipers: take them out while being inside of the building (otherwise other enemies will spawn and the exploit won't work).

Step 2

Split your team into two. One player needs to stay still in the room, while the others have to walk all the way back to the beginning of the mission. At the entrance, go right and then another right to loop around the building. Arrive at Murray Hill's gate.

Step 3

Now two of the three remaining guys will need to activate their mobile cover and walk up to the cover, using it to go through the gate allowing you to break into the mission. This won't make enemies spawn since your last teammate is still inside the building, unless you walk in the garden. At this point get another teammate to go into the mission using the same shield and then make him throw another shield at the other gate.

Step 4

Now the guy who was inside the building needs to run up the garden stairs and rush towards the gate. Enemies will respawn so he'll need to have all sorts of medikit and health boosts activated, otherwise he won't make it in time to get to the gate.

Step 5

Once at the gate, let him use the second shield to glitch himself out. All the members of the squad are outside of the mission now, with the enemies still inside. Kill Hornet (the final boss) and you will see him drop four items (at least purple and one of them could also be yellow).

Step 6

Upon Hornet's death, one of the guys outside needs to get right next to the gate and kill himself using grenades or wait until the enemies shoot him down. It's very important that you do this right next to the gate because if you do it outside of the gate, then the game doesn't know that you're still doing the mission.

Step 7

If done correctly, the game will see it as a mission failure because the only one that is inside the mission has died and the mission will reset itself. It will respawn the guy who died next to the gate back in the mission, the enemies will be reset and from this moment on, you probably guess it, it is rinse and repeat.

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