Quantum Break Walkthrough Guide: Act 1 - Part 2 - Campus Escape

Campus Escape

After Act 1 - Part 1, William explains how the Time has been Fractured and the reason how you used the Power. For now, you must focus to exit the Campus so break the door and take cover to sneak past the guards. Once you enter the second door you will be fighting a couple of Guards and as you have the Infinite ammo pistol you can do it your way. We recommend taking cover while reloading and then open fire.

Campus Escape

Campus Escape

Get to the Will's Car

The next couple of enemies will be coming out from the elevator so take them down and grab their SMGs. Take the elevator to go to the parking and get Will to his Car, but as you see the Elevator is stopped and when opened few Guards attack you and you freeze the Time again. Unfreeze Will, head outside the campus and then follow Will to the Room.

Find Will's Car

You see the Guards are patrolling William's car so you must get out there use the Time freeze and bring the car to William. Head outside the Campus and test the Time Vision to locate the nearby enemies, items, and hazards. Now you can either kill them all or sneak past them it all depends on you, as you reach to the marked location you see an echo which indicates which car is Will's.

As you try getting inside the car, a Guards will shoot you and you will again know your Time Freeze power but shooting at a particular area. As you see the Guards coming out from the Room where you left Will, so the plans are now changed. Get inside the Building and you meet Beth Wilder who wants to help you save Will so after the cutscene the part 2 ends. This is the End of Act 1 - Part 2, continue to check the Quantum Break Act 1 - Part 3 Walkthrough or check the Quantum Break Wiki Guide to know more about the game.  

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