Quantum Break Walkthrough Guide: Junction 1 - Hardline/PR

Junction 1

After the End of Act 1, you will come to know how Paul traveled back and forth in the Future and used the Time machine to learn it's powers. This will be a Short Walkthrough as you will take control of Paul Serene and have to take a decision which will affect your future gameplay. 

Junction 1

Junction 1 - Hardline/PR

Once the Act 1 is concluded a cutscene will start in The CFR Chamber where you will take control of Paul Serene. You meet Hatch and have a short conversation about the Campus Affairs where Jack managed to escape and Paul must find him as soon as possible. 

You Will be Meeting Amy Ferrero(one of the Protestor), but before that you will see a Quantum Ripple and two Narrative Objects. The Quantum Ripple can be found on the right side of the doc. Now you have to make a decision which will affect your future outcomes. You can preview the two options in order to see which decision will bring what consequences.

Hardline Decision

As you have seen in the Preview, this is an aggressive approach to the Situation where all the witnesses will be eliminated which will help Monarch keep it's secret safe, but the town of the Riverport will no longer support Monarch and Jack Joyce will have the Allies.

PR Decision

This Decision will make Jack as a Villain and Monarch Solutions would be back up with Amy and other as their props. All the witnesses will be kept alive and monitored until Jack is located.

The Decision is yours and this will impact your story so choose it wisely we tried going with Hardline Decision in which Amy is taken to the Ground Zero and Killed. If you choose to take the PR decision then Amy will be locked away and will be used as Pawn to plan with Media. 

Thus Completing the Act 1 - Junction 1 and you can see the live action episode to see what happens next in Act 2 - Part 1: Perfect Place to Hide. Make sure you visit our Quantum Break Wiki Page to know more about the game.

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