PS4 Firmware 3.50 Error Guide: Fix For Apple Headphone Mic Not Working, HULU, Remote Play Black Screen

PS4 Firmware 3.50 Error Guide

Yesterday Sony released PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.50 worldwide. The firmware added some interesting features that PlayStation fans have been demanding for a very long time such as Remote Play feature support on PC and Mac and many others. Sadly, the launch of PS4 Firmware 3.50 was not as soon as everyone expected and PlayStation 4 owners experienced some nasty issues. In this post, I am going to discuss the bugs and issues PS4 owners experienced after installing firmware 3.50 and what are the ways to fix it.

PS4 Firmware 3.50 Error Guide

1: Apple Headphone Mic Not Working:

Many PlayStation 4 owners have reported on official PlayStation forums that their apple headphone (beats) mic worked fine before the update 3.50. Thankfully, a very weird but working fix is available to fix this issue, here is what you have to do:

"Unplug and plug in your mic extremely fast, so fast that you're not even taking out the jack fully from your controller, and eventually, and after not very long, you'll be able to speak Sounds"

Do let us know in the comment section below whether it worked for you or not.

2: HULU Not Working:

For some PlayStation 4 owners, HULU is now working after installation of Firmware 3.50, they error message states that it is corrupted. Here is how you can fix this issue: go into system storage management and go into it and delete the data and not the app. A detailed step by step instructions is provided below:

"Go to settings->application saved data->saved in system storage->delete-select hulu->delete"

This will fix the HULU issue, but you will have to sign back into HULU.

3: Remote Play Worked Fine First On PC and Mac, When Relaunched It Goes To Black Screen:

This is one of the widespread issue and sadly no fix has been discovered it. All I can say for this issue is wait for an official patch or hotfix from Sony.

4: How to set up PS4 Remote Play on Mac and PC

Many PS4 owners are not aware of the complete procedure they need to follow to correctly set-up PS4 Remote Play on PC and Mac. If you are among one of these PS4 owners then check out our complete PlayStation 4 To PC/Mac Remote Play Guide detailing how to set it up, what are the minimum requirements and many other things.

List of issues with no fix yet:

While Playing Videos In Media Player Green Color Line Appears On Top:

After installing PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.50, most videos played in the Media Player have a color registration issue where the RED is lower and this results in a GREEN bar on top as seen in the screenshot below.

Is there any issue we missed out? Let us know in the comment section below, I will update this post and try to discover the fix for it.

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