Quantum Break Act 4: Preparing the Time Machine and Will's Workshop 2010 Walkthrough Guide

Will Workshop 2010

In Part 1 of Act 4 - Port Donnelly Bridge, you managed to survive the Collapsing Bridge and head back to Beth and Dr. Amaral. She helps you to fix the machine but sends Beth to the End of Time where the Fracture is over and the Time gets over. Some How she manages to head back to 1999 and find Will. This Walkthrough will show you the Part 4 of Act 4 - Will's Workshop 2010.

Will Workshop 2010

Preparing the Time Machine

You must have known in the cutscene how Beth managed to survive the End of time and she head back to Will in 1999 using his Time Machine. You will meet Beth as you travel to 2010 and she looks more feared by the End of Time. You help her recover and then continue to the part 4.

Will's Workshop 2010

As you begin with the Part 4 - Steal the Countermeasure, you must follow Bet hand find a way to get inside Will's Workshop. Explore the Workshop and to open the you activate the Echo near it so that you know which is the right switch. After getting to the room make use of Time Reverse and then Unlock the Door.

Deal with the Monarch threat

Beth is working on the Code, but you need to keep the Monarch Guards away from her. SO head outside and start taking everyone one by one until you hear Beth and Paul talking to each other. Head back to the Workshop immediately and as you Open the Door cutscene will start and thus completing Act 4 and come to another Junction - Control or Surrender. make sure you visit our Quantum Break Wiki Page to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and more. 

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