Dark Souls III: How To Access The Top Of Firelink Without Spending 20,000 Souls

Dark Souls III

The Dark Souls III Nexus like hub provides you with a few chances to discover secret or not instantly accessible areas where you can grab some useful loot for you to use at later stages in the adventure. But, in order to access those areas, you'd usually need to spend a lot of souls. Now we're about to show you how you can access those areas and grab the loot without spending a single soul.

Dark Souls III

To access the top of firelink, you'd regularly need 20,000 souls to get a key opening the door of the tower. If you head up to the right from the entrance, you walk right onto the second floor and you will see a giant tree with a hill to its left. On the hill you will find a white tree.

Run up that tree and jump to the right onto the roof. Doing so you will gain an Estus shard, the Covetous Silver Serpent ring and find a Crystal Lizard. Look at the video below if you don't manage to make that jump properly and keep crashing down on your knees.

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