Dark Souls 3: How To Build Spell Caster Character Guide

Spell Caster Character

Catalysts in Dark Souls 3 are used to build spell caster and give a Buff stat for your Spells which will Boost your damage and healing output. There are 3 different types of Catalysts you will find in Dark Souls 3 - Staffs(Sorceries), Pyromancy Flames(Pyromancies) and Talismans(Miracles). This Guide will show Locations for all three Catalysts and how to cast spells in the game.

Spell Caster Character

Where to Find Staffs for Sorcery

Staves are wielded in order to cast Sorceries and buffs the power of cast spells for a short duration. There are 10 Staffs in total you find in the Game and these offers same skills for all which is the Steady Chant. So let's get started with the location to find all the Staff for Sorcery.

Archdeacon's Great Staff

Location: You will get this Staff as a Reward for 'Aldrich Faithful' quest.

Court Sorcerers's Staff

Location: Profaned Capital

Heretic's Staff

Location: Road of Sacrifice

Izalith Staff

Location: Smouldering Lake

Man-Grub's Staff

Location: Rosaria's Fingers

Mendicant's Staff

Location: Serpent-man Summoner

Sage's Crystal Staff

Location: Grand Archives

Sorcerer's Staff

Location: Shrine Handmaid

Storyteller's Staff

Location: Corvian Storyteller

Witchtree Branch

Location: Irithyll of Boreal Valley

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Where to Find Pyromancy Flames for Pyromancer

An Offensive Magic trick the character with high Intelligence and Faith will use this Pyromancy Flames. If you have chosen Pyromancer as your Character Class then you will have a Higher base in this Spell with profitable upgrades and levels. You have only one way to get your hands-on this Catalyst. 

Pyromancy Flame

Effect: Combustion
Location: Dropped by Cornyx of the Great Swamp(Undead Settlement)

Where to Find Talismans for Miracles

Talismans are wielded in order to cast Miracles and these items are new to the Dark Souls series. Their Skill makes their cast uninterruptable which is used for healing and defensive miracles.

Caitha's Chime

Location: Lothric Castle

Canvas Talisman

Location: Shrine Handmaid

Cleric's Sacred Chime

Location: Grave Warden Cemetery of Ash(Untended Graves)

Crystal Chime

Location: Grand Archives

Priest's Chime

Location: Purchase from Greirat

Saint's Tailsman

Location: Undead Settlement

Saint-tree Bellvine

Location: Cathedral of the Deep

Sunless Talisman

Location: Purchase it from Sirris of the Sunless Realms

Sunlight Talisman

Location: Farron Keep


Location: Shrine Handmaid

White Hair Talisman

Location: Smouldering Lake

Yorshka's Chime

Location: Purchase it from Yorshka

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