6 Best Tips For Tom Clancy's The Division Falcon Lost Incursion

The Division Falcon Lost Incursion

If you have downloaded the 1.1 update for The Division, if you are going to face the Falcon Lost Incursion, which is pretty tough and has elements not so clear to everyone at the kick-off. Here's a couple of suggestions for you to read and have a better understanding of what's going on in The Division right now.

The Division Falcon Lost Incursion

First, blue drones: when they're out, they need to be your main target as they're pretty dangerous. You can even use flashbang sticky bombs to disable them for a while.

Red restock: you can open it once but it resets every few waves. The good thing you'll notice is if a teammate opens one, it will drop ammo for all. The crate upstairs behaves a little differently in comparison with the two in the center of the map.

Enemies will enter the map after a certain time, no matter if you killed all the ones coming from a certain wave. The center of the map is the best place to stay safe – grenades can't hit, such as the missiles and drone – and it's pretty close to where you need to put the explosives. Otherwise you can also look for the area behind the two generators, on the right side of the map when you drop down.

Throwing a turret after round 11 will result in the turret being hacked within 5 seconds. Every bomb wave, not just 15 will respawn enemies if you don't plant the bomb in the allotted time. Any enemies killed will respawn. Wave 4, 8, 11, and 15 are bomb rounds.

There are two panels that temporarily disable the turrets. There's really only enough time to use it to get in there and plant the bombs and then re-activate a second time to escape back to your hiding place of choice. EMP grenades work on these turrets but for a short time, about 3 seconds. This can be used when you want to run to disable them without the hassle of tanking them.

If you're scared to run the explosives/not quite tanky enough, it's really easy to leave someone in the center, out of harm's way with a res signature skill up. If people drop, pop the sig and save a wipe. Only 3 people are needed to run it anyway.

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