Amazing Quick Dark Souls III Tip To Improve PC Performances With Nvidia Cards

Dark Souls III

Do you have an Nvidia graphics card equipped-PC? Are you playing Dark Souls III? Well, then you should definitely take a look at this quick tip for you and your computer to instantly have better performances.

Dark Souls III

Go into your control panel 3D settings select Dark souls 3 under programs then go all the way down and it should say something like "Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames".

By defult this will be set to 1, which is not working properly for Dark Souls III, so turn this off to use the 3D Application setting. Doing like this, your game should be running much better, since this option limits the amount of frames your CPU can prepare before your GPU processes them.

Basically it's bottlenecking your GPU - it's used for VR, but for some reason it's on by default. Let us know in the comments below if this makes your performances better somehow.

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