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Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III offer a few quests that are mutually exclusive with others and options you can select to have specific items you'd regularly miss. Here's a quick round up of the best ones you will find throughout your adventure in Lothric, if you are careful enough not to lose them on your path to the end of your task there.

Dark Souls III


Never tell Anri where Horace is when she asks (or kill Horace once you find him – dropping Llewellyn Shield and Shrinemaiden will sell Executioner's Armor) and after she starts asking) in the Catacombs of Carthus and Smouldering Lake areas.

Anri's Path

You can save Anri before you meet Pontiff Sulyvahn. Anri is hidden in a room with a group of statues in the Church of Yorshka. Kill the Pilgrim there, otherwise Anri will die.

Later, when you go to face Aldrich in Anor Londo, Anri places a summoning sign outside the door. Use the sign and you can join Anri to fight their version of Aldrich.

Where Anri goes next depends on if you told Anri of Horace's death. If you did, Anri travels to the grave site in Smouldering Lake. If not, Anri travels to the graves in the Cathedral of the Deep near the entrance.

Yuria's Path

Simply make sure to Draw Out your True Power with Yoel 5x before killing the Abyss Watcher, you can do this by jumping to your death repeatedly once you have at least one Dark Sigil. Once you do so, Yoel will die and Yuria will take his place. After this do NOT kill the Pilgrim to save Anri and continue the quest chain as normal to it's conclusion.

LEONHARD + Rosaria OR Sirris

In Firelink Shrine, after lighting the tower on the wall bonfire in the High Wall or defeating Vordt, Leonhard will appear right there and provide you with 5 Cracked Red-Eye Orbs.

Once you light the Cliff Underside bonfire in the Undead Settlement, or defeat the Curse Rotted Greatwood and you have a Pale Tongue in your inventory, Leonhard reappears in the shrine. Speak with him to acquire the Lift-Chamber Key. You can use this key to descend through a locked door in the High Wall of Lothric, beneath the Tower on the Wall bonfire. Deep in the chamber is a Darkwraith. Defeat it, and you will acquire a full Red Eye Orb.

Your next encounter with Leonhard only occurs if you join Rosaria's Fingers in the Cathedral of the Deep and offer or use at least one Pale Tongue (though be aware that doing so antagonizes Sirris of the Sunless Realm if you are pursuing her questline). Leonhard appears at the exit to her chamber after you do so.

Still later, after you have joined Rosaria's Fingers and you have reached the Profaned Capital bonfire or defeated Yhorm the Giant, Leonhard slays Rosaria. Return to her body to find the Black Eye Orb. Take the Orb to the highest room in Anor Londo, it will activate, allowing you to invade Leonhard and slay him to recover Rosaria's Soul, as well as the Crescent Moon Sword and the Silver Mask. This also causes the Shrine Handmaid to sell Leonhard's Armor set. Return her soul and she revives as though nothing happened.

Sirri's Path

This Blade of the Darkmoon appears in Firelink Shrine after you reach Farron Keep. Speak to her, and then explore Farron Keep till you find the Dreamchaser's Ashes. Deliver those to the Shrine Handmaid, and Sirris will appear again, offering the Darkmoon Loyalty gesture. At this point, her White Phantom sign appears in Farron Keep and the Cathedral of the Deep.

When you reach Irithyll Valley after you battle Sulyvahn's Beast on the bridge at the entrance to the town, leave and return to check the front of the bridge. There you can find a summoning sign from Sirris. Enter her world and aid her against the invader Creighton the Wanderer. Successfully defend Sirris and she'll show up in the shrine again to thank you, and give you a Blessed Mail Breaker. Creighton will now invade you in Irithyll Valley, and after defeating him you take his Dragonslayer's Axe, Creighton's Armor set also appears in the middle of the bridge at the entrance to the town.

Finally, she has one last summoning event directly in front of the Curse Rotted Greatwood's room. To trigger it, you must defeat both the Greatwood and Aldrich in Anor Londo.

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