Destiny Guide: Easiest Way To Unlock The Dreadfang Legendary Sword

Destiny: The Dreadfang Legendary Sword Unlock Guide

The April Destiny update introduces a good amount of new content and functionalities, among which you will find Legendary weapons you have never met before. The Dreadfang Sword, also known as "Taken Sword", is one of those that will reveal particularly useful.

Destiny: The Dreadfang Legendary Sword Unlock Guide

Here you have a quick round up of steps you will need to get it.

Step 1:
Go to the Reef and speak to Variks so you can get the Pretender to the Throne mission.

Step 2:
Fly over the Dreadnaughty and start that mission (level 36). Complete it (you can also do it on your own) and then access the At the Gates quest.

Step 3:
Kill as many Taken on Patrol as possible, then, get the clues they drop and find Malok after collecting Echoes of Malok (20).

Step 4:
Once you have them,go back to the Tower, speak to Eris Morn and get the rest of the info you'll need to complete the At the Gates quest.

Step 5:
On the Moon you will then find a strike called Blighted Chalice. Team up with a few guys in order to complete it and remember you'll need to be at least at level 36 to make it work.

Step 6:
Once you beat the Blights, you need to beat Malok. Avoid his Shadow Touched ability, so your guardian doesn't get disoriented; find cover and shoot at him in the head as much as possible so you can take him down.

Step 7:
Finally pay visit to Variks back to the Reef in order to receive your reward- the Dreadfang Legendary Sword with a rating of 320.

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