Dark Souls III: How To Farm 20K Boss Souls In Every 7 Seconds, Unlimited Souls Exploit

Dark Souls III

A glitch currently allows you to duplicate boss souls in Dark Souls III – we're talking about up to 20,000 souls every 7 seconds, so you should definitely look at the steps below in order to give this a try and tell us in the comments below if it worked for you.

Dark Souls III

Here we go with a few steps:

Step 1:
Equip a shield that lets you parry (e.g. the Knight's starting shield).

Step 2:
Equip one single boss soul in the first quick item slot. Unequip all other quick item slots. It's important the boss soul has a confimation box when trying to consume it. Normal souls don't work because they don't have a confirmation box.

Step 3:
Put an empty estus flask in the first toolbelt slot and press the following buttons:

  • PS4: While holding Down-Button press L2, Square, Options, X
  • XB1: While holding Down-Button press LT, X, Start, A
  • PC: While holding Down-Button press [Strong Attack Left], [Use Item], [Open Menu], [Confirm]

Hold the Down-Button at all times during the entire combo, then parry. When your shield is parallel to your character's shoulder (just 1 frame before he starts to drop it down) press the combo. It takes some practice to get the timing right.

When done correctly the confirmation box will show and your item select disappears. Then you can consume the soul and it stays in your inventory. Repeat as often as you like. A successful try takes 7 seconds. The Deacons of the Deep boss soul is from an early boss and gives you 20K souls. 20K souls per 7 seconds / 160K per minute / 9.6 million per hour.

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