Dark Souls 3: All 4 Infusion Coal Location Guide

Infusion Coal

Infusion Coal in Dark Souls 3 are the key items which are used to improve Weapons and Shields via Upgrades. There are 4 Infusion Coals in total and you need to gather all Four to unlock new Infusions at Andre(The Blacksmith). This Guide will show you where to find all 4 Infusion Coals location in Dark Souls 3. If you Are Looking for other collectibles then do visit our Dark Souls 3 Wiki Page.

Infusion Coal

Where to Find Infusion Coals

Profaned Coal

Effect: Enables Dark, Blood, and Hollow infusion
Found at Irithyll Dungeon - In a room adjacent to the one with the 6 branding iron ladies, right before the shortcut.

Farron Coal

Effect: Allows the use of gems for heavy, sharp and poison infusion
Found at Road of Sacrifice - From Halfway Fortress bonfire go down from the ledges on the right side, keep going straight along the right wall until you enter a doorway in the end. Head left and get ready to kill the Black Knight and the Coal is behind the few bodies at the end of the hall.

Sage's Coal

Effect: Allows the use of gems for crystal, blessed, and deep infusion.
Found At Farron Keep - Keep Left from the first bonfire until you get inside a small structure guarded by a Darkwraith. The coal is in a body inside this structure.

Giant's Coal

Effect: Able to Infuse Weapons and Shields with Lightning, Simple, and Chaos
Found At Anor Londo - Go up from the Giant's corpse bonfire and turn left inside the building.

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