Dark Souls 3: Top 35 Pro Survival Tips and Tricks

Pro Survival Tips

Dark Souls pushes the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. In Dark Souls 3 Tips Guide we are going to discuss different area mechanics, survival techniques and at the end the Pro Tips to Embrace The Darkness.

Pro Survival Tips

Beginners are welcome to learn new tricks and for veteran players must have already known most of the Tips as they are familiar with the previous titles so it can be the same type of difficulty to except for a new area to explore, faster paced combat and various new enemies. So let's begin with our Survival and Pro Tips and make sure you visit our Dark Souls 3 Wiki Page to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles, and location.

Top 35 Survival and Pro Tips and Tricks

Survival Tips and Trick(Game Mechanics)

  • To Maintain your Stamina, try dropping your Shield Guard while not in Danger as this will provide a Stamina Boost.
  • If you are running low on health visit the nearest Bonfire and rest, but this will respawn all the enemies you have killed in the area as well. Try always making to the next bonfire instead of heading backwards.
  • For Healing, there is an alternative called the Estus Flask and this is the most reliable form of healing other than using consumables. Make sure you balance your flasks at the Blacksmith.
  • Look for White Sign Soapstone(Create a co-op summon sign)? purchase it at the Firelink Shrine from the Shrine Handmaid for 500 souls.
  • You cannot just Pause the Game while in the Dark World. You can either exit the game or rest near the Bonfire.
  • There are Secret Area in this Dark World and in order to reveal them you need to Hit and Slash the Illusory Wall.
  • Enemies are everywhere so be extra alert while opening the Treasure Chest as there might be chances to have Mimic in there. 
  • During your battle in Co-op make sure you don't leave the Ring of Sacrifice as it will break and you are not going to lose souls anyways.
  • The Red Eyed Enemies are always the One level Stronger than the rest of the Mobs and killing the will reward you with High-Level Items. You are using the Auto-target to detect the harmless enemies nearby.
  • The Game Mechanics helps you Drain the High-level Enemies Health early as most of the time they spawn near Barrels and Crates. Make use of Firebomb you Character's special ability to kill them.
  • If you manage to kill the root of the infected enemies(Praying) then this will avoid them to transform.
  • Embers can fully recover you so it should be used Mostly during boss fights unless you are dying somewhere.
  • Try Talking to Different NPCs multiple times as this will trigger their hidden dialogue and Items.
  • The Messages on the Ground can misguide you so use your Common sense and move forward.
  • Placing Summoning signs near the Starting of the area or outside the Boss fight which will help another player to skip the area beforehand and experience it.
  • Do you want to reset your Stats and Appearance? It can be done once per session chance by joining Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth covenant. It takes Pale Tongues as reset cost.
  • Regularly visit the Merchant in Firelink Shrine as they update their stock as you progress the game.
  • Finding a Battle Hard to Win? Call for White Phantoms to get some backup in the Boss fight.
  • Every NPC in Dark Soul 3 has some pros and cons and thus think twice before you kill any NPC. While some NPCs are immune to death like the Blacksmith and Handmaid but there are consequences.
  • If you encounter by multiple Enemies at once then keep a check on Stamina to avoid cornering yourself.
  • The More the players helping you to fight the boss the fewer Souls you will receive when you kill the Boss.
  • Bonfires are you Last Spawn location, so while fighting with enemies in the new area first you need to do is Lit the Bonfire then take the enemies. This will make you Spawn location even if you die.
  • If you die and want to Recover your Souls call for backup(summon players) and be extra cautious with Ring of Sacrifice. Till will you extra time and easy recovery.

Pro Tips and Tricks

Here are some advanced Tips which will make you gameplay a lot easier than the regular Difficulty. So without any Further ado, let's begin with the Tips and Tricks for Dark Souls 3.

  • Try to Sneak up behind an enemy ten try the Real Backstab to Finish them off in just a few seconds.
  • Similar to Backstab there are Riposes which also provide a massive damage output. This will work with pary or once you've knocked the enemy down(Weak health).
  • To Act like a Pro you must master the Parry Move as they can help you avoid any kind of incoming attack. Then counter it with a Ripose, but you need to time it well and get it perfected.
  • Just like we said in Survival tips to be alert for the Treasure Chest you can try Staring at the Chest for about 8-10 seconds and you can see the Treasure Breathing if it's a Mimic.
  • There is another Way to Detect the Mimic if you don't want to wait for 10 seconds. Simply look at the Chain on the side of the Chest, if the chain is on the Front side then this is a Mimic and if the chain is on the back side then it is a normal Treasure Chest.
  • When Encountered by dozens of Enemies you can take the fight to a high location where you can push them off the ledge.
  • You can Adjust certain elements of the area like Difficulty, Estus Flask Strength, and Invasion rate by Burning certain items at the Bonfire.
  • Adjust your Equipment to boost you stamina, running and dodging abilities. The Load of the Equipment can help you boost it so adjust them accordingly.
  • Joining Different Covenants and completing their activities can rewards you with different upgrades and unlocks powerful weapons.
  • Poise is very important while facing Elite Enemies and Bosses as it will show how easily you stagger when hit by Heavy weapons. If you are not a Hit and Roll kind of Player then you must always boost your Poise and use heavy Stability Shield.
  • Throwable items like Bow can come in handy if you are fighting against a group of enemies by taking out from range.
  • The Weapon have a specific attack animation which will trigger for certain scenarios. Like for example, Battle Axe has an animation for Spears while stabbing so make sure you make use of best of the Weapons according to different scenarios.

If you have anything to add then do post them below in the comments section. Enjoy.

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