Dark Souls 3: Offline Covenant Medal Farming Loot Location Guide

Covenant Loot Farming

In Dark Souls 3, there are different ways to receive items for your covenant. You can take on the enemies with the help of Multiplayer, but there is an alternative path where you can farm Covenant Medal Loot offline and this guide will show you the best locations where you can find loot and symbol of avarice early in Dark Souls 3.

Covenant Loot Farming

Where to Farm Covenant Medal Loot

Before starting with the Farming of the Loot we would like to inform you that Farming takes time and you need to follow some basics to get the loot. So here are the Locations and how to find the Multiplayer items offline.

Symbol of By Avarice

To obtain the Symbol of By Avarice you must not Kill Mimic directly, throw the undead hunter charm to make him fall asleep then loot him. It can take nearly about 10-15 times to get the Symbol.

Wolf's Blood Swordgrass

Next Location for farming Loot is near 'Keep Ruins'. Near the Bonfire, you will find these enemies with Spears. Simply take them down and rest at the Bonfire to reset the area and then kill them again to Farm the Loot.

Pale tongue and Vertebra Shackle

This Farming location is at Road of Sacrifice where you can Loot the Darkwraiths found near the Keep Farron bonfire. For Vertebra Shackle Kill the swordsmen near the Catacombs of Carthus bonfire.

Proof of Concord Kept

These items are dropped by silver knights in Anor Londo. Near the Anor Londo bonfire, you can find these Knights at the Steps so an easy farm.

Human Dregs

Can be farmed off the Cathedral Pyromancers in the area past the Pontiff Sullivan bonfire or near Deacon enemies before Aldrich, Devourer of Gods as this is more time efficient and less risk of invasions.

These were all the items and their farming locations thanks to one of the Steam User. To know more about the game do Visit your Dark Souls 3 Wiki Guide for walkthroughs, collectibles location, best weapons and armor guide and much more.

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