Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza Walkthrough Guide

Episode 2 Sapienza

After the great Start of Hitman's Episode 1, it's time to explore the new area with fresh and huge opportunities for Agent 47. This Time, you will be exploring Italy and take down two High Profile Targets who are Scientist of Sapienza. Tons of new weapons, areas, gears, items, locations, and challenges are waiting for you, so let's get it started.

Episode 2 Sapienza

Sapienza Walkthrough

In This Guide, we will be showing you the Best and the fastest way to Complete the Mission. If you want to look out for each and every opportunity in Sapienza then do check our separate guide for Opportunities in Sapienza. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Walkthrough.

Mission: Destroy the Virus

  • Silvio Caruso(Bio-Engineer)
  • Francesca De Santis(Head of Laboratory)

Location: Sapienza(Italy)

Your Mission here is to Get inside the Mansion, Eliminate the Two Scientist who are working on Dangerous Virus to Assassinate people around the world. Once you Defeated Them you need to Head underground inside the Laboratory, Destroy the Virus permanently and escape the area. There are Various opportunities you can complete the Episode, but we have found the easiest way to complete the objective with ease, without getting detected and possibly the fastest way.

The Mansion

Silvio Caruso's Family stays in a Mansion right across the Square and it is Heavily Guarded as well. Due to his personal issue, the Laboratory which he is working currently(The Virus) is also Underground. The Security Level will keep on increasing as you get closer to the Laboratory and the Virus. You need to Eliminate the Two Scientist(Targets) in order to get underground access.

As you Start the Mission Right in front of the Mansion, Head left to see a Flower truck crashed and the Driver is making so calls. Take him down then disguise in his clothes and take the Flowers to get the entry in the mansion. Remember to Dumb the Drivers body into the River and Dispose of all your weapons to get a clean entry.

Eliminating Silvio Caruso

Enter the Mansion and Talk to the Butler who will guide you to Mrs. Caruso;s Grave in the Garden. Avoid getting any attention by acting crazy. Once you get to the Grave place the Flowers and get inside the Container behind. Simply wait for Mr. Caruso to get near the Grave with his guards. Once his guards are gone leave the Container and Takedown Silvio Caruso and Hide his body inside the same Container.

Eliminating Francesca De Santis

After the neat Kill, head up and get inside the Mansion and left from the Butler or You can Enter the Mansion from the Right where you hear the Radio(near the Tree). Our Objective now is to look for a perfect disguise to head to the First floor towards the second target. The Best way is to Disguise in Housekeeper's dress, this way you can enter the First Floor and make sure to activate your Vision and check for White Circle above other guards/housekeeper's head as they are the one who can detect you.

Head upstairs and get the main room and Blend near the First Pillar(When Francesca is not in the room). Here you have two options, where you can either head back towards the Balcony, collect the Poison from the room adjacent to it and Kill her with Poison(need to turn off the Table-Fan) or you can Wait for the Guard(the one following her) to come out to the Balcony and Take him down then Follow her and Eliminate her inside her Room. Whichever move you choose, just make sure to dump all the Bodies inside the Containers.

Destroy the Virus

Collect the Biolab Keycard and head Downstairs to get underground. Now the Housekeeper disguise won't help you underground so it's better to take down the Scientist below in the room with two guards. The Best way to take them down is to 'Turn OFF' the power and get inside the Container on the Right. Wait for one of the Guard to investigate the area, take him down, dump inside the container. If the Scientist runs away do not worry simply wait in the area, let the Guard alert the other guards 'No Threats - Area Clear' and the Scientist will return back to his Table.


Before the Scientist makes his return you can either take Down the other guard and dump him inside the same container, but wait for him to Alert the other guards - 'We Clear' or simply wait for him to get back to his base. Take Down the Scientist, get disguise in lab Technician clothes and grab another Biolab Keycard. Head towards the Lab without any arms so that you enter cleanly. If you head towards the Path you will have one of the scientists will detect you so the best way is to use the Pipe to Slide Down.

Once you get down head left and avoid the Detection(use the Vision), and head straight towards the Lab and once the area is clear head inside and grab the Hazmat Suit. No Everything is clear and you can either kill them all inside the Lab or Simply turn on the Ventilation System and then go for the 'Increase Temperature' option near the Virus Cabinet. If you have already cleared the Area(Killing then all) then simply head outside grab your Scientist Disguise and Run for the Exit. Thus Completing the Mission in no time and the easiest way possible. If you have any doubts then do shoot them below in the comments. Enjoy.

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