Battleborn: List of All Shift Codes Guide

Shift Codes

In BattleBorn, there are various in-game rewards which you can unlock by completing missions, progressing in the game or using the Shift Codes. These Shift Codes are the promotional codes which are released by Gearbox Software, but to redeem one you must have Shift Account. This guide will provide the list of all the Shift Codes and how to use them in BattleBorn.

Shift Codes

How to use Shift Codes

Step 1:

Start the Game

Step 2:

Select Extras from the Main Menu

Step 3:

Select Shift and Login to your Account

Note: If you do not have Shift Account then get one from Shift-Page.

Step 4:

Enter The Code and Select 'Redeem'

Step 5:

Your Code is Activated.

List of All the Shift Codes

The Codes below will be Updated Daily so make sure you visit every time to Update yourself with new Shift Codes. So without any further ado, let's begin with the List of the Shift Codes.

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Shift Code: SWKTB-356W6-XC5RJ-XK6T3-HJ333
Unlocks: Golden Skin x3

Will be updated Soon....

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