Chapter 2: Infernal Place - Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

Infernal Place Walkthrough

After a Quick introduction to the Gameplay and Nathan's Story in Chapter 1, we move forward in Future where Nathan is a Youngster and currently on a Treasure Hunt with his Brother Sam and His friend Rafe inside Panama's Spaniards Prison. After your Fight with Gustavo, you will be put inside a Closed Cell and the beginning of the New Chapter.

Infernal Place Walkthrough

Chapter 2 - Infernal Place

Once the cutscene is over Vargas will head to your prison and ask you to walk with him without making any stupid move. So Keep Walking and enjoy the environment, finally he will take you underground and uncuff you. After the Cutscene, Vargas will guide you to his Table to find the Grappling Hook and continue with your Hunt at the highest cell in Spaniards Prison.

Head Down Right, slide and jump to get on the ground then head straight to the tent and collect your Grapple Hook. Now you see a Tunnel Down which has one of the 109 Treasure in Uncharted 4, if you want the location of all the Treasure then do visit your Treasure Location Guide. Moving on to the walkthrough, grab the wooden crate and pull it over to the Edge and make the climb up.

The Climb to the Highest Cell

Start using the Grapple Hook and make a sweet Jump just like young Nathan did at St. Francis Boys Home. Continue Climbing Up and be sure of the are quick at jumping as the Building is old so the cliff and the edges where you climb keep on falling. Climb the Tower make your jump towards the Main Cell Building. Now keep climbing high until you get inside the Window. Use the Grapple Hook to pull the wooden block and make your way through it until you finally get inside the Highest cell. 

Burnes's Cell

Once you get inside the Cell you will have dozens of stones to explore. Check the Note, Flip it and then Fold it to unravel the secret. Head towards the 'XII' Stone and open it to get the hands on the main treasure which is nothing but a Gold and Silver model of Saint Dismas. Now it's time to head back so open the Cell and make your way outside. Once you get outside then Jump on the land ahead and make your way back to Vargas.

Sam and Rafe

After the Cutscene and done updating Sam and Rafe about Vargas and the treasure you found in the Infernal Place it's time to fight with Gustavo and his Men inside the Generator Room. The Fight is easy and you can you multiple combos with the nearby objects, with brother Sam, so make sure you help the other guys as well and fight until Vargas shows up and takes you three into his Room.

The Escape

After the Cutscene, you three head outside to run for your life and all the Cops are behind you shooting. Simply follow Rafe and Sam and try to roll off when someone tries to fire you as this will help you avoid taking damage. Once you Fall down from the roof you'll have a couple of thugs fighting you and don't worry Sam will be joining to help you, after the fight get underground and then climb the ladder which Rafe will drop down.

Now keep following Rafe and don't look back, after a few jumps on to the Wall cutscene will trigger where Sam won't be able to make it as he will be shot on his Leg. Continue following Rafe and make you Jump into the Ocean and another cutscene will trigger. Thus Completing the Second Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief's End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 3 - The Malaysia Job or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.

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