Chapter 9: Those who prove Worthy - Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

Those who prove Worthy

The Hint which Nathan and Sam found at the Grave which they were tracking down in Chapter 8 was actually the Grave of Thomas Tew and the path next is to Find where he wants us to prove Worthy to get our hands on the next clue. So let's see what comes up next in this Testing Chapter 9.

Those who prove Worthy

Those who prove Worthy

Head towards the path now which will take you to more of the slides and Jumps, but take it easy as there are no enemies around here. So Slide then Grab the bar to climb up and continue climbing on the right and once you get near two paths take left and you come across the second Puzzle. This Puzzle is a Little Tricky so first go to the skeleton on the right then take the Bucket out of the Puzzle.

The Puzzle

To solve the Puzzle firstly you need to Fill the Bucket with water and place it back to the Maze. You will find the water on your left then pass it to Sam he will place it, Open your Journal to get the Clue and you must have the Black Cross on your left, White on the Right and Big cross on the first Circle with Bucket on the Toplight. Check the Image below if you have any doubts.

Open the Door and continue with your Jumps and Hooks to get to the other side. Later Boost Sam up so that he can drop you the Container down and you can jump towards the Wall on the Left. Keep Climbing until you get inside the cave then continue towards the other end.

Nadine and Rafe

After the First Climb, you will hear Nadine's voice and cutscene Begins. After the cutscene, climb up then right to jump on the other side. Use the Grapple Hook to swing from the Gap(on right) and then jump on the right, pass through the cave and drop down the Container for Sam. 

Once you get near the Broken Bridge hook the container on the Right to get there and then Push it to the edge to climb down and to the other side of the Wall. A Few Climbs and we are close to the Puzzle which is actually the Jump Bridge we call it was the See-Saw Bridge.

The See-Saw Bridge

Once you get near this Bridge and jump on it will be shaky as it is an old one. Let Sam jump over it and you can balance to jump towards the right side and climb up. Then Push the Container down on the First part of the See-Saw Bridge to pull Sam up on Time. You too jump on it and the bridge will shack again so run towards the end and let Sam Pull you up.

The Escape

Things will be getting too much rough after the cutscene so better be ready to take some Shoreline guards down. Luckily Nadine manages to escape but for now, we too need to run before Cathedral falls on us. Take it smooth and easy kill everyone and when on rough Bridges make sure you time it well. Grab the Weapon and let the show begin, take all the guards down one by one and continue moving at the same time.

Head outside and keep sliding there will be a bunch of Shoreline guards waiting for you so take cover first and then attack them, a couple of Snipers and machine guns inside the Grave. Once you have it all clear slide it down towards the Shore where Sully is waiting for you. 

Thus Completing the Ninth Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief's End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 10 - The Twelve Towers or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.

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