Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight - Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

Hidden in Plain Sight Walkthrough

In Chapter 10, we found out there are Twelve Towers to be explored and after looking at the Map we see only two of them are shortlisted, so in this Chapter Nathan and Sully will explore one tower while the other will be done by Sam. Just like the old times, let's see what's coming up next in this chapter for Nathan's Journey.

Hidden in Plain Sight Walkthrough

Hidden in Plain Sight

This Chapter will be going to be a long one then the rest as Nathan has to solve the puzzles, find Sam and the next clue for the Avery's big treasure. As you start you find yourself and Sully at the Market and you must head towards the Tower. Once you get near the tower head right and climb on the right to get inside the Window.

The Clock Tower

Head up and Open the Door to look at the mechanics of the Clock Tower so after the cutscene you need to Start climbing and trust me this will be the most difficult climb in the game. Hook the broken bridge and start climbing, then jump on the right lever to get to the other side and nest you need to time it well to take yourself up by balancing the gears.

Ring the Bells

Your mission is to ring every bell of the Zodiac sign so let's get started with the Scorpio as the Journal says. Once you ring the first bell you need to start climbing up with the help of those gears, continue climbing up to the Top to ring all the bells. As you keep ringing the bells you will unlock the secret path below where Sully is waiting.

Once you Ring all 4 bells it's time to Ring the Top bell, so head up and you will see a window to head out to get to the Highest Bell, but first you need to set the time to 10:10 in order to make your jump properly. Look at the image below to know how to set the Main Clock Tower.

The Secret Path

As you head towards the Main Bell, we know the bell is really old so it happens to break the Bell which makes you ring the bell and then the Landing begins. After the Crash landing from the top of the tower, you head down to the secret area which has another Puzzle waiting for you.

The Pirate Puzzle

There will be three puzzles you need to solve as you unlock one another will open. So all you need to do is open the door and locate the Red Box type Mark in every Pirate picture. Here are all the three Puzzle Solved and the images show below. If you have any doubts about the puzzle then do let us know in the comments below.

uncharted-4-chapter-11-6.jpg   uncharted-4-chapter-11-7.jpguncharted-4-chapter-11-8.jpg   uncharted-4-chapter-11-9.jpg

The Escape

Like every chapter we have to escape the area, but this time, we need to find out Sam and save him from the Shoreline soldiers. Head out and face off the first wave of the Guards in the market, kill all the guards and stay away from the Armored Van. Get inside the building and head up then from the roof get inside the Jeep.

We all have seen this part in E3 launch, so you know all we need to do is run away from the area towards the Tower where Sam is waiting for us. Take your time there is no rush, use the shortcuts which will save you a couple of bullets. You will soon see the Tower where Sam was hunting the treasure. Chase him and the Shoreline guards behind him.

Things are about to get worst and quick response is required, as you reach towards the bridge try to hook the Trailer and swing to avoid taking the damage. You can now shoot while you are handing to the trailer and riding the Mud. Keep shooting at them and climb the trailer and start shooting the guards. As the Trailer will be on fire you can switch it with the Jeep o the right or left.

Finally, you will have all the guards cleared and find Sam beside you, but soon your Jeep will be hit by a truck and after the cutscene, get out of the truck from the top then clear a couple of more enemies and then a final cutscene will start. Thus Completing the Eleventh Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief's End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 12 - At Sea or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.

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