Chapter 12: At Sea - Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

At Sea Walkthrough

At the end of Chapter 11, Sam and Nathan barely managed to escape the Shoreline guards and Elena found put all about Nathan's actually Malaysian Job so Sam and Nathan continue with their Hunt for Avery's treasure while Sully will be with Elena making her understand how it all happened. This Chapter will be more off an exploration of islands looking for the clues rather than combat.

At Sea Walkthrough

At Sea

Nathan and Sam head back to King's Bay marked island where they continue their hunt for Avery's treasure. After the Cutscene, you have full control over the Boat so either you can head straight or explore the beautiful island by yourself. Once you are done exploring the islands it time getting back to business.

Pirate Made Tower

Head Straight towards the Island to find the clue where to head exactly, as Sam finds out one of the Pirate made tower head there and climb the tower to unlock the next Path. Sam will show you the way up from the stairs and then a cutscene will start where you see the markers which kinda work like navigation.

The Right Path

Use your Grapple Hook and climb down to the beach where you find the Symbol which shows the navigation. Get on the Boat and sail towards the Next island, you will find dozens of these symbols to know where to head exactly. This Symbols will take you inside one of the caves which are the right path.

Park your Boat near the Pillar and start climbing up, you need to get more on climbing and grappling in this area. Once you get right from the blocked entrance to start climbing up and pull away the wooden block with Sam's help. Keep climbing up and then take left and Boost Sam up to find something to get up there.

Once Sam crashes on the other side of the Bridge you look for the other half of the bridge to climb up then start climbing towards the other side where you see Sam pushing the Container down. Walk straight towards the tree and use the Grapple Hook to swing down to grab the pillar.

Use the Grapple Hook again to swing on the other side of the Mountain, start climbing from the left and then turn back again to Hook and swing left. Now start climbing until you reach the top of the Mountain. Once you are done climbing you will find another tower on your right.

This tower has one collectible inside it so collect and start climbing the Tower and once you get to the top of it use your Grapple Hook to jump on the other side which is my favorite part - Sliding. Slide down and you will get inside the Cistern, Use your Roof to Swing and then finally get down.

One of the Room will have all the clues about what the Pirates wanted to do with the treasure with decent architects around. Once you are done exploring head inside the room with the big massive statue and step on the Stone to Open the Door, but it will be stuck so use Sam's help to get to the other side of the room.

The Puzzle

As you head inside the Room you will have a Puzzle waiting for you. This puzzle is of 3 stages where every time you solve something the Statues of the Pirates will come up. The Puzzle is a bit tricky one so here are the images below on how to set and rotate the Pillars in order to solve them all.

uncharted-4-chapter-12-9.jpg   uncharted-4-chapter-12-10.jpguncharted-4-chapter-12-11.jpg   uncharted-4-chapter-12-12.jpg

Once you solved all the puzzle a door will open up with a Lever on it so pull the Lever to get up and see the last statue which is none other than Avery's Statue. Head back to that island and climb up to see Where Avery's Statue is pointing which is our next clue.

After you done looking at the Avery's pointer the cutscene will start and it will take us back to the Prologue which we played first. Thus Completing the twelfth Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief's End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 13 - Marooned or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.

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