DOOM (2016) PC Error: Fix For Mouse Acceleration, Disable Auto Aim, Skip Intro, Save File Location and more

DOOM (2016) Error Guide

DOOM (2016) is finally available worldwide on all three major platforms (i.e. PC, PS4 and Xbox One). The launch of PC version of the game is not as smooth as every one of us expected because players are experiencing some nasty issues such as Mouse Acceleration, Auto Aim, Demon multiplayer pack not showing up and many other this. In this DOOM PC Error guide, I am going to provide solutions to some of the most common DOOM (2016) errors. So without any further ado, let us get started.

DOOM (2016) Error Guide

1: Mouse Acceleration Fix:

Many players are finding Mouse Acceleration in DOOM (2016) annoying. Thankfully, multiple fixes are available for it. The first fix is to "Set your DOOM Launch Options (right click and go to Properties)" and enter the text (without quotes) "+set m_smooth 0". This will mostly remove the Mouse Acceleration issue.

Second or Alternative Fix:

If the above mention "Steam/launch Options" fix did not work for you then try this alternative fix:

Go to "C:\Users\(Name of the User)\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base" and open the file 'DOOMConfig.cfg' in WordPad. Scroll to the bottom to find the value: m_smooth "1"
and change the "1" to "0", then save and close the file.

This will surely eliminate the Mouse Acceleration issue.

2: How To Skip Intro Video

To skip the intro video in DOOM (2016) all players need to do is add (without quotes) "+com_skipIntroVideo 1" to the launch options.

3: Auto Aim

In DOOM (2016), the Auto Aim feature (as described by Reddit user stuntaneous) "is not the standard Magnet Auto Aim but rather it is as if enemies have a big arse hitbox, on their heads at least, and bullets curve into it". This new element has not gone down too well with the loyal fans of the franchise and they want to get rid of it. Sadly, there is NO WAY to TURN OFF Auto Aim in DOOM (2016).

4: DOOM (2016) Config File Location

The configuration file of DOOM (2016) is located at the directory: "C:\Users\(Name of the User)\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base"

5: DOOM (2016): Can't Use Demon Multiplayer Pack

Few players who pre-ordered DOOM (2016) are unable to use the DEMON multiplayer pack. If you are among one of these few unlucky players then here is how to fix this issue: Once you enter Multiplayer for the first time it will "Thank you for pre-ordering" and after you clicked OK, everything is available as expected in Customization.

If you did not receive the message then Wait for sometime (an hour or so), mine didn't activate for an hour or two. Maybe try restarting your Steam or else spend some hours in the Campaign and then go to the multiplayer again, it will definitely come up with a message.

6: Download Latest DOOM (2016) Game Ready Drivers (Nvidia and AMD):

Here is the download links for DOOM (2016) Game Ready Drivers: Nvidia 35.10 and AMD 16.5.2

More fixes incoming....

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